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Keeping Your Beauty Game Up During Lockdown

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t feel and look amazing! So, maybe you can’t remember what day it is. Monday has always been overrated! Maybe your pet is growing annoyed by your constant presence. Or, maybe TikTok has you convinced you’re about to get your 15 seconds of fame doing the Renegade. 

While all of this free time might have started out as a welcome break, the extra, unplanned hours can start to take a toll. It might sound extreme to say — especially in the midst of today’s world crisis — but, because of this newfound freedom, sticking to a schedule or normal routine has become challenging and, sometimes, altogether impossible. When there are no social plans on the horizon, why look in the mirror at all, right?

Wrong. It sounds obvious, but not caring about our appearance and halting any form of self-care can make us feel increasingly sad and isolated as a result. Therefore, it’s important to find small ways to boost your beauty game, even if you’re only doing it for yourself. Here are some tips for Lockdown Beauty Routine:

Lockdown Beauty Routine:

Skin-Care to the Rescue

Keep your sanity and your skin satisfied with a simple, daily skincare routine. Conserve your products and keep efforts minimal with weekly masks and treatments that stave off pesky pimples and combat any dehydration caused by cold, dry air in your home. Indulge in a facial scrub every morning and apply your favorite lotion or oil before you don your go-to pair of sweats. 

Nourishing your skin at several points during the day helps to fill your time and validates the feeling that you’re doing something good for yourself. 

Make an At-Home Hair Appointment

You might not be able to see your favorite hairdresser and get the newest hair trend, but that doesn’t mean you have to let split-ends run your life. There’s no need to wash your locks every day, so now’s the perfect time to build up your hair’s natural defenses. Set aside one day a week to shampoo and deep condition, and give your strands the break they need to absorb their natural oils. 

Leaving the scissors to the professionals is normally good advice. So focus on keeping the hair at its best condition with masks and treatments. If you need a color retouch, try the at-home color solutions to cover your greys. (Don’t try the crazy colors or bleaching at home!)

Successful Eyebrow Shaping

Even with all this extra time to stare at that stray brow hair in your mirror, plucking or trimming your brows more frequently can end in disaster. The good news is, this time is great for letting your eyebrows breathe and grow into a perfect landscape for you to design. Avoid over-maintenance and use only the must-have brow necessities to achieve the perfect brows at home.

According to brow specialist, Umbreen Sheikh, some tweezers and a little brow gel is all you need. Comb the hairs up using a spoolie brush and lock the shape in your gel. 

Flirty Lashes for All

Long, full lashes not only complement your eyes, but they also give your confidence a huge boost. You may not be able to flutter them to entice your crush in person, but there’s always FaceTime — and those Zoom work calls require a little professional polish. 

You can practice wearing false lashes if you have never tried them yet or afraid to put them on. Or you can try out eyelash serum for growth and volume. With just a little practice, you will flaunt lush, look-at-me lashes that make you feel like a Disney princess.

Show Off Your Makeup Skills

Doing your own makeup can help you express yourself and explore your creativity. Kind of like screaming into a pillow, this therapeutic act helps you keep demons at bay without your neighbors knocking on your door to see if you’re OK. Feeling overwhelmed? Highlighter can fix that. Dark circles under your eyes from anxiety keeping you up at night? Hello, concealer! Eyelids itching for your favorite late-night look? Bring out that nudes palette

Putting on a killer beat and maintaining your appearance revives the sense of normalcy you have been craving. No social plans needed! 

Don’t want to use up your products? That’s understandable in these uncertain times. But, there are tons of online discounts from unique brands to keep your beauty game going even if your funds aren’t flowing. 

Bonus tip: Bring your A-game to your nails too. Follow this easy at-home manicure tutorial to do your nails at home.

Although our outer beauty greatly affects our day-to-day, it’s important to note what is most important is how we’re feeling on the inside. The best we can do is use this time to reflect, get back to our roots, and be there for one another. Combine these ideas with effective mental health care practices for a healthier, happier you.

So which lockdown beauty routine are you going to follow today? Comment below to let us know!

lockdown beauty routine
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