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Spring Sweaters

Spring Sweaters I am loving Currently

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Fargo-Moorhead Winter is so brutal, even thinking about Spring is making me happier (though Spring is still cold enough for thick sweaters). It’s the time when you will not need all the stuff you needed for Winter but just a comfy and stylish sweater. I love wearing a sweater in Spring. There are so many styles to choose from! Depending on what the rest of your outfit, I have listed 4 kinds of basic styles of sweaters. Read below to know about these cute and stylish Spring Sweaters I am loving currently.

Spring Sweaters

Spring Sweaters :

Below are 4 basic styles of Spring sweaters you should have in your collection. Color-wise in this season, these colors are trending- Bright Red, Coral, Denim Blue, Saffron, Orange-based Yellow, Soft White, Shades of Green like Aqua, Mint, Dark Rich Emerald.

Open Front Sweaters:

Open front sweaters are great for a casual look. Pair it with a T-Shirt or cute top, jeans, and booties and you are good to go. The length of the sweater depends on your preference. I like long ones like this one from Free People. It provides warmth and style at the same time!

Pullover/Crew Neck Sweaters:

A Pullover or Crew Neck sweater can easily be paired with a cami for an informal or a shirt with collars for a formal look. For a low-key, casual look- pair your pullover with a sneaker like the CARIUMA CATIBA HIGH Sneakers from my previous article. For a business casual look, try it with an ankle boot or a pair of loafers (like this one from Nordstrom which is 35% off currently).

Button-Down Sweaters:

I call this style the love child of the Pullover and Open Front. You can wear them with jeans and tops or a dress. Here are some great products I have found for Spring:

Turtleneck Sweaters:

Do you get cold easily like me? A turtleneck is an excellent choice for you. Pair it with formal business pants, jeans or a skirt- you are going to rock the outfit. You can also match the sweater with your dress like this beautiful red-pink turtleneck with a midi dress and knee-high boots. Spring colors + Winter warmth- Just perfect!

I always believe personal style doesn’t have to drastically change every season, but when you add elements of the current trend to your personal style, it looks truly YOU and becomes a part of your signature style. Spring style is great because you can ditch the heavier, chunkier winter-wear and opt for the colorful and lightweight sweaters in different styles. I think it’s useful to have one of each category of the above-mentioned sweaters in your collection so that you can mix and match your style to the rest of the outfit.

So explore the options I have given today and let me know in the comment box which Spring sweater style you love most!

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