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fashion tips for summer heatwave

Summer Heatwave Fashion Tips: What to Wear During a Heatwave

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

We all love summer. The sun is shining brighter, there is joy in the air, and everyone seems to be more cheerful than during the winter or autumn months. Not to mention that we can finally enjoy lounging and sunbathing by the pool or taking a dip in the ocean. Even fashion is better during summer, with all those cute outfits waiting for us to wear them. However, although we do appreciate the warm weather, when an occasional a heatwave strikes, we can be in doubt what to wear. It is not easy to look fashionable and appropriate for the occasion but at the same time feel comfortable while the temperatures keep on rising. 

That is why the following few summer heatwave fashion tips for different occasions may be quite helpful.

fashion tips for summer heatwave

Summer Heatwave Fashion Tips:

1. Work/business attire

This may be the most challenging fashion task for any woman during the summer. Although in the morning, while getting ready for work, you would happily throw on just a pair of jean shorts and a simple top, you know that you need something more sophisticated but at the same time, made from a breathable material.

That is why a linen suit is an amazing option. You can wear it with a monochromatic cotton or silk T-shirt underneath and it will look incredibly stylish both with a pair of high heels and flat shoes. Moreover, if your office dress code allows it, you may swap your suit trousers for a pair of fashionable shorts. Match them with a chic silk top and some delicate pearl earrings and a similar necklace and you will create an outfit that is simultaneously professional and modish.

fashion tips for summer heatwave

2. Beach/pool outfits

The best way to cool down when the temperatures hit the roof is definitely by a pool or at a beach. An alluring, sheer cover-up combined with a cute bikini and an oversized straw hat is a stylish choice for a party by the pool. For the beach, you may opt for a simple white, cotton shirt and some trendy high waisted bottoms, thus accentuating your bikini body in the most flattering way.

Put on a pair of dark sunglasses, pack your phone and your SPF in a canvas tote bag and you will look effortlessly chic and feel comfortable. Additionally, if you want a bit more color, choose a gorgeous kimono and match it with a monochromatic one-piece. You may accessorize it with seashell-inspired jewelry and get a look that will look fabulous both by a city pool and on an exotic beach. 

fashion tips for summer heatwave

3. Looks for a brunch/cocktails with the friends

Is there anything better than spending a summer afternoon catching up with friends and enjoying the hot (even too hot) summer weather? Most certainly not, but during a heatwave, it may be a bit difficult to find outfits that are casual, comfy and chic at the same time. Luckily, a bit difficult does not mean impossible. A floral, silk mini dress may just be the right choice for you. First of all, silk is a great material to wear in the summer, and secondly, a romantic, floral dress is a true trendsetter piece. Match it with a pair of cute wedges and some gold hoop earrings and you are all ready to meet the girls for a few cocktails and laughs.

Additionally, if you feel like wearing trousers rather than dresses, a pair of high-waisted wide-leg linen trousers can be the right piece for you. You can wear it with a ruffled crop top and some slides. To spice up the look a bit, accessorize it with a couple of cool, chunky bracelets. 

fashion tips for summer heatwave

4. Styles for a night out/dinner

In case you are going for a look that is a bit sharper, a belted mini dress is a great choice. Just make sure to opt for lightweight materials, such as cotton or linen and the heat won’t be a problem for you while you enjoy a delicious dinner with your partner or your friends. Lovely nude high heels together with a pair of statement earrings will perfectly finish off this classy evening look.

Moreover, you can also choose to style a wrap midi skirt with a silky spaghetti strap top. To make this style even more fashionable, opt for a printed midi skirt and combine it with a black silk top. As for footwear, a pair of black, strappy heels will go perfectly with this outfit. You can accessorize the look with an elegant gold watch and a delicate gold necklace and you will look magnificent while enjoying a warm summer night.

fashion tips for summer heatwave

So even if the heat wants to through away all the style and fashion this Summer, follow the above tips to be fabulous even in a heatwave! 

Summer Heatwave Fashion Pieces We Are Loving:

What’s your favorite outfit to wear in the Summer? Share with us!

fashion tips for summer heatwave
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