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how to take care of hands at home, hand care guide

Busy and Lazy Girl’s Hand Care Guide At Home

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

This post is produced in collaboration with The Collegiate Standard

Hello, my busy bees out there! The caption must be making you wonder; “Why do I need a routine for my hands?!”

Let me give you 3 reasons:

  1. We use our hands the most.
  2. We also neglect our hands the most
  3. Our hands show the signs of aging before anywhere else.

Some of the excuses I have heard over the years for neglecting the hands, nails care:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t want to waste money on a manicure.
  • I don’t have the energy for the taking care of my hands.

……..And the list goes on.


First of all, yes, you have time to take care of your hands. It will take just a minute if you follow some basic steps every day. (I will show you how).
And secondly, if it feels like wastage, you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on nail salons (I have a step by step video of at-home manicure on my channel).

So what are the EASIEST ways to take care of your hands at home? I have broken them into 5 steps.


We should wash our hands or use a hand sanitizer as often as possible, we all know that. But did you know using hot water is making your hands lose their natural oils and this is one of the reasons your hands are getting drier?

Which is why we should use WARM water with nondrying soaps to clean our hands. Also, clean gently under your nails with a discarded toothbrush.

how to take care of hands at home, hand care guide


Yes, you need to moisturize your hands. We often forget to moisturize our hands after washing it. In result, we suffer from rough cuticles, rough nails, dry hands.

You don’t have to try anything fancy, just choose a simple oil-based moisturizer. Carry a small container in your purse or place it where it’s easily accessible.

When you are applying your skin care products or sunscreen on your face, use these on your hands too. And before going to bed, use Vaseline or a heavy emollient moisturizer.

how to take care of hands at home, hand care guide


A hand massage is not only extremely relaxing but also has health benefits. It gives pain relief, improves blood circulation.

Ask your partner for a hand massage or if you are doing it solo, take a little bit of cream or oil and massage it on your hands and fingers. Then take a golf ball and gently roll it between your palms.

It feels pretty relaxing! So next time when you are watching TV or riding a taxi, massage your hands instead of browsing Instagram.

how to take care of hands at home, hand care guide


Your nails and hands can show signs of malnutrition and deficiency. So take a properly balanced diet and take Biotin or Vitamin B supplement if needed.

how to take care of hands at home, hand care guide, engagement


Last but not the least, accessorize. Whether you are wearing your engagement ring or any other ring, it looks and feels good to have a clean presentable hand. When you are wearing a beautiful ring, you will feel the urge to take better care of your hands.

engagement ring

The ring I am wearing today is the Juliet ring and you can find it on The Collegiate Standard. They provide beautiful high-quality products like pendants, lavalieres, rings, bracelets, tie clips, cuff links at a fair price. You can find fraternity and sorority jewelry made exclusively by the company.

So if you are looking for something like this check out their website.

wedding, engagement ring, the collegiate standard

engagement ring

It is said that eyes are the windows of our soul, so if you want to know a person, look into his eyes. But I believe if you want to know about someone’s physical, mental condition and depth of self-care- look at their hands. You can’t hide years of negligence from your hands. So start today, and follow my tips for a better hand tomorrow.


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how to take care of hands at home, hand care guide

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