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How To Improve Your Mental & Physical Health

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Guest Post


Happiness and physical well being are more of a choice than purely influenced by circumstances. Most of us have busy lives and packed schedules. Some of us are so engrossed in daily tasks that we ignore our most important asset – our health, both mental and physical. Sometimes we forget that we are the only ones responsible for our own health and its maintenance.

To ensure that our body stays fit and healthy, it is important to follow a good lifestyle and take a nutritious diet. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by making simple changes in day to day activities.

In this article, we suggest some modifications that you can adopt in your lifestyle to improve your fitness and wellbeing.


Get Enough Sleep:

Insomnia is a common condition that occurs because of temporary stress, worry, or irregular schedule. We can’t cheat ourselves on sleep and must avoid the repercussions related to it. Lack of sleep makes one feel tired and makes it harder to stay happy which increases the chances of being constantly sick.

I guess this is why people call it beauty sleep as it increases alertness and performance along with generating positive emotions in the mind.


Challenge Yourself:

If an individual stops challenging themselves they stop challenging their mind to think out of the box. We must constantly strive to achieve something new and strengthen our mind.

You can do this by learning new languages, learning to play a musical instrument, getting into activities that help increase willpower, etc. When we start taking advantages of such opportunities, we hardly have anything to regret later in life.



It is rightly said that meditation helps to reduce stress and improve concentration. One can’t touch or see stress, but can always feel it in mind and body. Chronic stress can contribute to headaches, anxiety, depression, heart disease, and even premature death.

All of this can be prevented if we just take some time off of our busy schedules and clear the thoughts. Meditation can help us to feel more balanced and peaceful as we focus our attention inward to induce a state of deep relaxation.


Drink more water:  

It is not a secret that 90 percent of the human body is made up of water and needs it to perform almost every function. Water gives a boost of energy. It combats fatigue which results in increased energy, also helping us to get rid of toxins. It is the nature’s cleanser.

Drinking water also gives a healthier skin and boosts our immune system. Apart from plain water, you can take flavored water or fruit punches which also gives more options for taste, while increasing the water intake. We’re meant to drink water, often. Just do it!


Spend more time with loved ones:

One of the biggest source of happiness in our lives is spending time with our loved ones. It’s seen that people who lived long lives were the ones who had more social engagement and maintained good relationships in their lives. Being social not only forces to be our true self but also helps us stay grounded no matter how much success we achieve.

Whether one prefers small, intimate gatherings or is more of a fan of loud, boisterous parties, most of us enjoy spending time with our friends. We know that socializing is not only fun, but it plays an important role in our health too. Having a solid social network has shown to have a huge impact on the body, both physically and mentally. And it is often lauded as the key to a long and healthy life.


We don’t have to go vegan or sign up for a boot camp to give our well-being a nice boost. rather, we can easily achieve this by adopting these simple changes in our day to day lives.


This article is contributed by Sharda Hospital and rounds up best tips for optimism and well-being. Sharda Hospital is one of the largest super specialty hospitals in India. You can follow them on FacebookTwitter.

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