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Sweetie Silver Charm Bracelet

Loving Currently: Sweetie Silver Charm Bracelet from Links of London

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Do you like personalized jewelry? I know I do! Today I am going to write about this particular piece from Links of London. It’s the Sweetie Silver Charm Bracelet.

Why did I pick this one to feature today? I am glad you asked!

sweetie silver charm bracelet

What is a Sweetie Silver Charm Bracelet?

To quote from the brand:

A charm bracelet is always a cherished piece of jewellery in any collection. The iconic Sweetie Charm bracelet will become your most beloved jewellery piece once you personalise it with special charms from our ever-growing charm collection. Design your Sweetie Bracelet in your own unique style, with charms that show your hobbies, landmark events, wanderlust, and special occasions. The iconic Sweetie Bracelet is a tactile and fun alternative to a bracelet with an expandable circumference, and is available in small (150mm), medium (160mm), and large (170mm).

Why is this Special?

I am that kind of person who gives priority to sentimental value than monetary one. Ever since my daughter is born, I am more into those jewelry pieces which I can give to her someday. A charm bracelet like this is going to be a beautiful memento of our journey together. I can decorate it with small charms to memorize our trips, milestones and life events. So when she actually gets to understand this, it will be a beautiful and memorable piece for her. At least I hope so!

sweetie silver charm bracelet

Where To Get One?

You can get your Sweetie Silver Charm bracelet from Links of London online shop linked here. or click the picture below to go to the shopping page directly.

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sweetie silver charm bracelet

sweetie silver charm bracelet


*Product provided by brand to review. Opinion is my own.*

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