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Qualities of a Natural Charmer

How To Be Charming: 5 Qualities of a Natural Charmer

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Guest Post


“Charm is more valuable than beauty. You can resist beauty, but you can’t resist charm.”

Do you believe this statement? I do.  In fact, I have personally felt that charm makes a greater impact on people than beauty.

Of course, beauty would make heads turn but your natural charm could make hearts move. Charm has a lot to do with your behavior, thoughts and how well you connect with people. So, let’s read more about how every one of us can be a natural charmer and enhance the qualities of a natural charmer.

Qualities of a Natural Charmer

“Charmers speak clearly what their heart holds”

They say everything with a purpose and objective, avoiding any unnecessary filler. They speak their heart out straightforwardly, but not without thinking. They aren’t blunt at all…they are just good communicators who speak in direct, concise, and succinct tone making them come across as more friendly.

If even they have to say a harsh thing, they would say it in a manner that won’t let the other person heart. It would be wrong to think that they sugar-coat things. Nope, they just speak confidently, precisely, and deliberately.

Qualities of a Natural Charmer

“When required, they ask for advice”

Asking someone to share their area of expertise is not a sign of weakness, but someone who values others opinion and experience. If you want to explore your natural charm then learn to value opinions and knowledge others’ hold. This will make you more favorable and memorable in people’s thoughts.

Qualities of a Natural Charmer

“They literally silence their phones”

Call it boon, or call it bane…the modern day communication technology such as mobiles, tabs, laptops etc make one-on-one interaction very interrupted. Nothing turnoffs people more than someone constantly flipping through the phone while chatting.

Instead, make a real impact on people…like a really strong impression not just put your phone away, you have to literally ignore it like it doesn’t exist. Give them your rapt attention and they will give you their hearts.

Qualities of a Natural Charmer

“They are genuinely authentic and real”

In reality, people detest fake or a phony and actually prefer talking to someone who is real and trustworthy. In a world where communication has shrunk and time is a priceless commodity, nobody likes to waste time trying to figure out someone’s hidden agenda.

So when you try to be fake or an unreal person, the other party knows making you less likable. A person who is more comfortable in his own skin and understands his happiness is more likable. And this is what makes you more interesting and appealing to people.

Qualities of a Natural Charmer

“Learn to acknowledge others’ accomplishments”

Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated for something they did and are proud about. You need to remember this one of the most important points while interacting with people. Notice the small little things about someone’s accomplishments and compliment them for it.  Be generous in your appreciation and not someone doing it for the sake of doing it.

You will be surprised to know how this will go in the long run because you’ll be surely remembered favorably and positively for this.  It is a basic human nature and needs to be seen, heard and valued. People who are born charmers understand this need instinctively.

Qualities of a Natural Charmer

You need time and resources to maintain your beauty and keep it glowing. Makeup, beauty enhancers, accessories, clothing such as; casual dresses for women etc. have its very important place and perks. But natural, inborn charm is something else and it doesn’t need to be maintained, it only needs to be practiced after understanding the subtleties.

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