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Quick 5 Minute Makeup with Neutrogena

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


Imagine the following situation:

You look like you have rolled out of bed just now, though you are up and working from 6-7 am, your hair is a mess and it looks like you haven’t slept very well last night. You are already in your second cup of coffee, don’t have the extra time to glam up and you are falling behind your work deadline.

Sounds familiar?

This is my situation most of the day. After I get my toddler ready for the day, I don’t spend any time on myself and start working straight away, because why does it matter if I am disheveled like this, right?


Getting ready in the morning, just for yourself, matters a lot if you work from home like me. It gives you a confidence boost and prepares you for the rest of the day. Which is why I have made a promise to myself this year, I will make some time to look decent in the morning before starting my work. It usually includes brushing the hair, wear some concealer and lip color. See the difference?

quick makeup neutrogena

Left: Without any makeup Right: After makeup

To make the process easier and achievable, I have made my morning routine to be within 5 minutes. You can do it too by following my steps!


Apart from a cup of coffee, you will need just 4 products to look polished in 5 minutes. The products I am using are from Skin Clearing and Hydroboost collection of Neutrogena.

  • Neutrogena® SkinClearing oil-free makeup
  • Hydro Boost Concealer
  • SkinClearing Mineral Powder
  • Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine

quick makeup neutrogena


  • After washing my face and using regular moisturizer, I add 1 layer of Neutrogena® SkinClearing oil-free makeup with a flat foundation brush. This lightweight foundation pretty much covers the unevenness of my face.

neutrogena skinclearing foundation

neutrogena skinclearing foundation

  • As I have dry and dark undereye, I use Hydro Boost Concealer. I just dab it there and blend it with my fingers. You can see the difference it makes below.

neutrogena hydroboost concealer neutrogena hydroboost concealer

neutrogena hydroboost concealer

Concealer vs. No concealer

neutrogena skinclearing mineral powder neutrogena skinclearing mineral powder

  • For the lips, I use Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine. It gives a hint of color with lots of shine and moisture. Perfect for the cold Winter months! Now you can add some brow gel and mascara, but as I have sensitive eyes, I tend to skip the mascara most of the days.

neutrogena hydroboost hydrating lip shine

quick neutrogena makeup


You can get the Skin Clearing and Hydroboost collection products from your local Walmart!



Whether you work from home or commute to other places to work every day, it makes a big impact how you present yourself. So get up, get ready and conquer the world!

What’s your quick way to get ready? Share with us below!

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