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How to Buy Designer Glasses Online | Thoughts on OTTICA

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

I have been wearing glasses for 20 years now. If you are like me- wear glasses in every occasion, get a fever thinking about wearing contacts and have at least 5 glasses to match every style and as backup- then you are going to love my tips about How to Buy Designer Glasses Online. Recently I have had the opportunity to work with Ottica and they were kind enough to send me a designer glass of my choice. As a very skeptical person (specially for online-designer shopping), I took the whole experience with a grain of salt. Did it exceed my expectation? Have I learned anything from the shopping experience?

Keep on reading to find out.



There are 3 key factors to consider before buying a pair of designer glasses.

  1. Your budget: As a responsible adult, we should all fix a budget before splurging on a designer piece. I know sometimes we can get carried away. But if you have $100 in your account and spend $500, that won’t be wise, will it?
    Which is why it is imperative to decide on a limit before even searching for the product.
  2. The product itself: Just ask yourself one question: “Am I buying this for the label OR the product”. If the answer is the “label” then skip the item; if the answer is “product”, then go ahead.
  3. Reliability of the supplier/shop: You should do your homework before pressing the “ORDER” button. Is the website trustworthy? What are the reviews? Look for warranty, shipping and returns terms.
    Serch online, search on blogs or YouTube. Most likely there will be reviews on that shop. Just use your wise judgment and proceed accordingly.


Quoting directly from Ottica;

When you think of it, glasses accompany you for most of your waking hours — they decide how you see the world and how the world sees you. But that doesn’t mean you need to overpay for them. We believe there’s a fine line between quality and cost, between fairness and value. That’s why we choose to sell our glasses online. It allows us to select our frames from the most trusted brands across the globe and walk that fine line — offering you quality at online prices. That might sound simple, but for us, as professionals dedicated to the world of optics, it’s something we have been working at for quite some time.


Before you order anything online for the first time, browse around that website for a good amount of time. Once you get ahold of the structure and style, you can easily access all the amenities.

  1. First, create an Ottica account which will give you 50% off coupon code as a first timer.
  2. The glasses are categorized by Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and Brands: which is pretty self-explanatory. Pick one option and go from there.
    How to Choose Designer Glasses Online-OTTICA
  3. If you click on the options, say Women Eyeglasses, you will land on a page like this. Now here you can filter the options by material, frame shape, size, color etc. If you know what you are looking for, you can filter the options OR you can see all the glasses on the page.How to Choose Designer Glasses Online-OTTICA


  • After you click on a specific frame, you will land on the product page. I chose Burberry OBE2108. Here you can see the frame in different angles, the measurement and also see how the frame will look on your face.


How to Choose Designer Glasses Online-OTTICA

  • Now if you click on the “Try On” button, it will let you upload a picture of yours. Upload a front facing picture, and you will get to see how the frame looks on you. Here is how I looked with the Burberry frame.

How to Choose Designer Glasses Online-OTTICA


  • I think the navigation system is pretty decent and helpful. You can browse through the products easily.
  • The frame I chose is “universal” which means I can use it with any dress, any occasion with just changing my makeup and attire.
  • The frame looks exactly like it does online. It came in the signature Burberry box, with warranty, a member card.
  • The customer service was good and the product itself is excellent.
  • The frame fits me perfectly and I can’t find anything wrong in anywhere. Maybe because I applied some more tips during the ordering process. Scroll below to see my quick tips.

How-to-Choose-Designer-Glasses-Online-OTTICA How-to-Choose-Designer-Glasses-Online-OTTICA



P.S. You can see the tutorial of this exact look I have done on my previous article. I just changed the lip color. This is the easiest makeup look!



  • Keep your prescription ready and up to date.
  • If possible, use your PayPal account for payment.
  • The product pages contain measurement. If you don’t know your specifics, I will suggest measure it to get the idea.
  • Upload a front facing clear picture. (Think passport photo.)
  • Use the FAQ or Customer service if you are unsure about a product or the service.


I really enjoyed the whole experience of buying designer glasses from Ottica. I hope you, too, can enjoy the process by following my tips above.


**PR Sample, but the opinion is my own.**

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