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Val Garland Makeup Artistry Online Course

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Hello there!

Today’s article is not a review but kind of like an exciting news to share with you all.

First of all let me ask, Have you heard of Val Garland?

Val Garland is one of the most iconic and influential make-up artists of the last three decades. She is one of the fashion industry’s most sought-after make-up artists, creating everything from iconic Vogue covers to stand-out looks for McQueen and Westwood.

So why am I talking about her?

Well, she is starting an online course to teach makeup artistry. She has devised this course based on 30 years of experience in the fashion industry.

The course starts May 15th and runs until August 15th 2015.

This course is taken entirely online, which means you can learn directly from Val wherever you are in the world. It also means you can be flexible with how you learn, so you can work around your career, family and life.


In these classes you can-

  • watch videos,
  • read written tutorials,
  • listen to live Q&As online,
  • take part in discussions,
  • ask questions,
  • upload photographs and videos of your work,
  • get feedback, give feedback,
  • connect with other MUAs from across the world and
  • build your online portfolio.

Each week for three months you’ll get:

  •  New video content

You’ll see Val at work, hear her discuss kit, jobs, shoots and shows and learn from her 30 years of experience at the top of the fashion industry.

  •  Set projects and exercises

Respond to real industry briefs, analyze your portfolios and work on your career development.

  •  Live Q&As

Interact with fashion industry insiders, from agents and photographers to editors and designers, so you understand from a number of different perspectives how to really succeed as a make-up artist in the fashion industry.

The first part is about: The make-up artist in fashion

Creating looks for the fashion industry is unlike any other job you’ll have as a make-up artist. In the first part of the course you’ll learn what it takes to be a make-up artist in fashion, and why technical skill is only a small part of what it takes to be successful. You’ll meet Val, hear about her career and learn more about her creative process – one of the things that has kept her at the top of the industry for 30 years. What inspires her? How does she develop ideas? How did her signature style evolve?

Your first project will test your own creativity and standards, creating a fashion-relevant look from a set brief. You’ll be challenged in ways you might never have been challenged before, and you’ll be expected to work fast, in the same way Val and her peers have to when completing real life jobs.


PART 2: Building a professional kit

This week is dedicated to product and tools. Look inside Val’s kit and see what she carries with her on every job. She’ll go through the products and tools she uses in detail, so you can understand what kit a lead artist is expected to have, for which types of jobs. Learn how she decides what to take with her on a job, how she prepares it and how she lays it out on set to make her job easier. Your projects this week will help you grow your product knowledge and ensure you’re working with the right kit for the jobs you’re working on.


PART 3: Working in editorial

When it comes to creating world-class editorial images, what is really expected of the make-up artist?

Hear Val discuss what it means to create a great editorial look with make-up and then see her in action. You’ll see her respond to a brief from beginning to end, hear her talk about her creative process – why she makes the creative decisions she does – and see the finished result. As she’s doing this on camera, you’ll see some incredible close-ups of how she executes certain techniques, from skin to lips to eyes. In this part you’ll also learn how editorial shoots work logistically. What should a make-up artist be doing, when? What’s the role of assistants? Who has the final say? And, what do you do when things go wrong?

Val has 30 years experience of doing this, so has plenty of advice for you. You’ll be creating your own looks from an editorial brief, submitting everything from mood boards to the final look


PART 4: Your portfolio

A portfolio relevant for fashion jobs is vastly different from a portfolio needed for TV and film, bridal and theatre. In this part you’ll learn what agents, bookers, artists and clients expect from your portfolio, and hear directly from Val what she looks for in a set of images. What does it take to impress her? What does it take to make you stand out? Your project in this part is to analyze your own portfolio – what are its strengths and its weaknesses? What might be stopping you getting booked? How can you improve it so you get better, more high-profile, more exciting jobs?


PART 5: Working in runway

What’s the role of the make-up artist when it comes to runway shows? Val shares all.

Having worked behind-the-scenes on shows as diverse as Westwood to Erdem, she explains what designers expect from you as a lead artist and how you can live up to expectations. Hear her explain the process, from pitching ideas at fittings to executing looks backstage, then see her respond to a designer’s brief in full. Not only will you learn why she makes the creative decisions she does, you’ll see how she creates the skin, eyes, lips and brow looks she wants. Your project is to respond to a designer’s brief, taking into consideration their style, their vision, their clothes and their tastes. You’ll be expected to present your work, from moodboards and statements of intent, to your final look.


PART 6: Making it as first assistant

Being a stand-out assistant is the best way to get experience, learn your craft and progress your career. In this part Val will explain exactly what she expects from her own assistants. You’ll get insight into the level of skill, creativity and professionalism demanded from Val, so you understand how you need to do to impress her. You’ll also learn how artists like Val hire their teams, from runners to their first assistants. How do you really get booked? What does it really take to stand out? What does it take to survive?In this part you’ll analyse your own situation and work out how you can improve your chances of being hired as an assistant.


PART 7: Working in advertising

Creating fashion imagery that is creative enough to stand out, yet commercial enough to sell clothes, is a fine art. In this part Val talks about what makes a great ad campaign and how her role as a make-up artist contributes to that. You’ll learn about the logistics of working in advertising – who makes the final decisions, who’s on set, who are the people you have to please – and then move on to the creative side. How do you balance your signature style with the brand values of the client.

You’ll see Val respond to an ad brief, talking through how she decided on the look, and then see her execute it. Again, you’ll get close-up, detailed video of Val at work, seeing her work on skin, lips, eyes and brows. In this part you’ll be responding to an ad brief, taking into consideration both the client needs and your own style. You’ll be expected to present a series of looks alongside your own research into the client.


PART 8: Taking the next step

Making the move from assistant to lead artist can be a tough one, and even the most experienced make-up artists can struggle when leading their own team, and being entirely responsible for creative and commercial decisions. In this part you’ll get advice from Val on how she works as a lead artist, how she gets the best from her team and how she maintains the relationships that are so vital to her career. In this part you’ll be working on your career development. Do I need an agent and, if so, how do I get one? How do I find the right assistants and how do I make sure they work well for me? How do I make sure I’m getting the jobs I want? What should I turn down and what should I go for?


How to apply:

This is an unrivalled opportunity to learn directly from a legend. 1000 people will be selected to learn under Val Garland’s tutelage. To apply, please complete the application form here: APPLY HERE.

You’ll be asked a series of questions and asked to show examples of your work. Although this is an advanced course teaching professional-level skills, they are accepting applications from creatives not currently working full-time as make-up artists.


1. Early Bird

Limited price: US $995

Closes Feb 15th

100 places available

2. Main

Early bird price: US $1350

Opens March

800 places available

3. Latecomers

Regular price: US $1995

Opens May

100 places available


So what do you think? I think it’s a great opportunity to learn from the pro at the comfort of your own home!
Apply today and don’t miss this chance!

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