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February Color Spotlight- RED

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


COLOR SPOTLIGHT is a new series on Sifa’s Corner. Every month I will show 10 or more products featuring one specific color or in the same color family. The color I chose for February is RED.



RED- The color of passion, love, desire, energy, strength and power. As February was the month of love, this color was perfect for that month. I have chosen 12 of my loved products in this color. Without further ado let’s dig deep into these products.


12 shades of RED:

1. Bath & Body Works eau de parfum in FOREVER RED

2. Christian Louboutin nail color in ROUGE LOUBOUTIN

3. L’Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque in 712 LACQUE-RED

4. Maybelline Nail Colorshow Street Art in 22 WILD AT HEART

5. M.A.C cosmetics Toledo collection lipstick- VICTORIANA

6. Milani cosmetics lipstick- 05 RED LABEL

7. Lime Crime lipstick- 101 GLAMOUR

8. Sleek makeup Lip 4 Palette- TEASE

9. NARS lipgloss- ETERNAL RED

10. Lush liquid lipstick- AMBITION

11. Makeup ForEver pure pigment in BRIGHT RED

12. Kevyn Aucoin powder blush in FIRA.



Keep on reading to know more about these products.

Bath & Body Works eau de parfum- FOREVER RED:

I was sent the sample version of this perfume on 2012. This perfume was my “love at first mist”. It has a fresh and sweet smell which suits me really well. You can read my short review about this perfume here.

After the sample version ended, I had to buy the full sized one. This perfume is great for Spring and Summer times.

It can be found online here and it retails for $45.

4 5


Christian Louboutin nail color- ROUGE LOUBOUTIN:

This is the signature red color of Christian Louboutin. This rich, deep, warm red nail-color is on the pricier side. But if you are partial towards branded and luxurious stuffs, then this product is perfect for you. I reviewed this nail color on the day of its launch from Nordstrom, Seattle. You can see it here.

It can be found on Sephora among many other stores. Retails for $50.




L’Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque


This is the “cool” version of Louboutin nail-color. This is also a deep red but has cool undertone. It gives a rich finish and applies really well. This is really affordable and can be found on many stores.

It can be found here and retails for $6.99.


Maybelline Nail Colorshow Street Art


This is not an all-red color….it’s a red-black top coat which gives a nice finish to your mani. Black and Red in one of my favorite combination, so when I eyed this baby, I knew it had to be mine. Those who are not expert in nail arts (like me!), you can use this nail color to add some fun in your everyday normal manicure.

It retails for $3.99, can be found on Walmart, Target and also here online.



Let’s compare the 3 shades.

6 11

M.A.C cosmetics Toledo collection lipstick- VICTORIANA:

This lipstick is from the new collection Isabel & Ruben Toledo. I picked this shade because it’s a flattering shade and will complement many skin. It’s a neutral red slightly leaning towards cool undertone with rich color payoff. The finish is described as “Matte”, but in my opinion it’s like a satin matte…. it goes on smoothly, feels creamy and lasts a long time. This is limited edition so hurry up if you wanna grab this.

Retails for $17.50 and can be found here.


Milani cosmetics color statement lipstick-



Milani cosmetics color statement lipsticks are, in one word, AWESOME! Why, you ask? Because they feel luxurious on lips like a $20 lipstick but retails for under $6 ! The finish of this lipstick is defined as “Cream”. I do agree! It glides on lips like a dream with rich color payoff and very moisturizing.

It can be found online here, and also on CVS.


Lime Crime unicorn lipstick- 101 GLAMOUR:

This lipstick is really opaque and creamy. This is darker than the above 2 lipsticks. It can be found online on LimeCrime website or here and retails for $18.


Now here’s the comparison of these  3 lipsticks under different lighting.

1.lipstick Collage

Sleek makeup Lip 4 Palette- TEASE:

Sleek makeup has done a wonderful job with the Lip 4 palettes. There are many colors to choose from. This specific palette has red and red toned lip colors. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised with the opacity and color payoff of “SHOWOFF” and “DITA”. When I was swatching those on my hands and I was like “WHOA!” Only 1 swipe and it gave me a rich red color.

SPOTLIGHT and PARIS are red toned pink, a little muted and slightly matte.

It can be found on Sleek makeup website and retails for $13.49.

20 21 22


This is a beautiful orange-red gloss which looks like a pretty coral on my skin. A great shade for Spring and Summer. It’s not sticky and gives a beautiful color & sheen, plus, it’s also moisturizing.

It can be found on Sephora and retails for $26.

23 24


Closer look


Lush liquid lipstick- AMBITION:

The speciality of this product is that, this is totally hand-made….like all the LUSH products. It’s a shiny, opaque red color with a hint of orange. It’s not sheer like a lip tint, nor sticky like a lip gloss. It’s just a liquid version of your everyday creamy lipstick.

You can use this rich glossy red color as a lipstick, lipstain and also a cream blush. 3 in one!

Retails for $18.95 and can be found on Lush website.

26 27

Makeup For Ever pure pigment- BRIGHT RED:

A pure pigment can be served as lip, eye and face color. So if you are on the creative side of makeup, this pigment will be a great addition to your collection. Mix this bright, bold red pigment with your gloss or your cream or with another color and create something customized and unique!

This is a matte blue based red colored powder. If you wanna use it as eyeshadow, you can use the powder as a sheer wash of color or use it wet for richer and vibrant color payoff.

It retails for $20 and can be found on Sephora.

28 30

Kevyn Aucoin pure powder glow blush- FIRA:

First of all, it’s really hard to find a red colored blush. But if you got one, share with me in the comment box!

FIRA is a pigmented orange-red blush. When I say “pigmented”, I mean it with a capital “P”. Just one swipe of finger and you get a rich color. This blush has a satin formula. A very little amount goes a long way and a slight hint of this color gives a beautiful glow on your cheek. Another perfect Spring product!

It can be found online here and retails for $37.

31 32 34 33



I really hope my article will help you pick up something in RED color family. Which one of the above products did you like best? Comment below!

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Rachel LadyM March 8, 2015 - 10:08 am

Wow what a great collection of pieces.
I’m not really a fan of red, but I do try to embrace it more these days
I love the Christian Louboutin nail colour – how does it wear? is it nice?

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan March 9, 2015 - 4:59 pm

Hey Rachel! Truth to be told, the wear is not that impressive as the price tag and brand value. Without a top coat, it will last you mostly 2-3 days. But with a base coat, top coat (aka proper manicure), it will last a little bit longer. The formula is nice and rich though.

Naghma koussar syed March 5, 2015 - 5:31 pm
Salim Ahmad March 5, 2015 - 7:59 am

……..never compromise with your Dream Mom . Please proceed with your sincerity and whatever you want to do , do it always with full perfection …and only then you can expect “SUCCESS “. . . .

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan March 5, 2015 - 5:52 pm



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