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NEW ON THE BLOCK: Givenchy Mist Me Gently

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


It’s a colorless moisturizing and makeup setting liquid by Givenchy. It comes in a plastic spray bottle which creates fine mist when it is sprayed. It can be found in Sephora or online. The 100 ml or 3.3 oz bottle costs $35.
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According to the Sephora,  “Mist freshens and treats the skin with its ultra-fine micro-droplets. It provides moisturizing action with hyaluronic acid, which slows the evaporation of water, and an anti-stress action, thanks to its Yin Yang complex of Egyptian lotus, sacred lotus, and magnesium salt.”
Givenchy site suggests to “Spray over the face before daily skincare to moisturize and relax the skin, mist the face after applying makeup to ensure hold, and refresh the skin whenever needed at any time of day.” 
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  • The first thing you will notice after using the mist is the smell. It’s floral, not too strong and gives a pleasant refreshing vibe after using.
  • I generally use it after the foundation and concealer is set with a powder, so that I can get rid of the cakey-look. Spray 2-3 pumps onto the face, closing your eyes. Then gently pat your face with a sponge or your kabuki brush or clean hands.
  • I have used it on hot-humid days. When you are under the sun and sweating too much, it cannot hold your makeup L
  • It has not caused any break out and reaction to my skin, so far.
  • If you use it for moisturizing purpose and instead of a moisturizer, it won’t serve your intention.

without any products/makeup
Left: after applying powder foundation
Right: after using the Mist
End result


  • The skin feels and looks relaxed and fresh after using.
  • If you use powder foundation, this product is really helpful.
  • A little amount goes a long way.


Yes I will. But I will also try the Skindinavia setting spray next time. 
Left: at the beginning of the day
Right: after 7 hours

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