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Party With Purple

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Today I played with different shades of purple and came up with this look.

Step by step pictures are as follows-

1. After adding an eye shadow primer apply a white creamy base. I used Urban decay primer and NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.

2. Blend the white base with a blending brush.

3. Draw a semi circular line in the crease with a black kohl pencil. I used L’Oreal Carbon black.

4. Add a medium purple color onto the lid leaving the inner corners bare.

5. Use a lighter & brighter shade of purple to color the inner corner of the eye and 1/3 rd of the lower lash line.

6. Apply a darker purple color in the crease with a blending brush and blend.

7. Take a white shimmery shadow and apply is as a highlighter. Apply the medium purple in the lower lash line. Apply eye liner and slightly flick it in the outer corner.

8. Apply concealer to clean up any mess and  voilà ! The final look!

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