April 24, 2014

The BIG Move!

Hello my lovely reader!

.......I am getting tons of requests daily by my blog's loyal readers for makeup related tutorials,...some are requesting to make YouTube videos..... Some of you are sending personal messages about my whereabout and asking me why I am so inactive on my blog recently.

Yes, I confess (and apologize).... I have been quite inactive in posting makeup related tutorials or looks lately. It's not because I am getting tired of blogging or lacking motivation... If you follow my blog regularly, then you know that I got married last December. Maintaining my jobs, planning the wedding & the occasion itself,  and also maintaining my blog "Sifa's Corner" was pretty hectic!

Recently I am focused in settling & adjusting with my new life.....a new part, away from the familiar faces & places.

I have moved home this month and now living in USA with my husband. Life here is really interesting & functioning ...but leaving the place you have called "home" for the major part of your life and live in some other geographic location is hard.

Don't assume that I have abandoned my blog! I have big plans for Sifa's Corner and if God willing, you are going to see some positive changes soon... umm.....as soon as I unpack & get settled up! Haha..

So wish me luck and accept my gratitude for being a part of my blog!

Here are some snaps from my journey...Dhaka->Chicago->Fargo

The city of Chicago
Click to read more....

April 15, 2014

1st Ever GIVEAWAY- Pond's Luminous finish BB+ cream

Hey there!

Guess what?

I am hosting a GIVEAWAY......the first ever from my blog. So I am really happy and excited! (Woohoo!!)

What am I giving away?

I am giving away Pond's Luminous finish BB+ cream. It comes in 2 shades- Light and Medium.

Why am I giving away?

The products were sent to me by Pond's USA via Influenster. I was sent 3 pairs. One for my personal use and the other 2 pairs are for 2 of my lovely readers.

Yes you heard it right! There will be 2 winners!

So let's have a look at the rules and general information about this giveaway:

  1. The giveaway is valid for Bangladeshi readers.
  2. There will be 2 winners.
  3. Each winner will get 2 products- 2 shades of Pond's Luminous BB+ cream, Light & Medium. So that they can make their own custom shade.
  4. The winners will be chosen via Woobox.
  5. The giveaway is open from April 15th to 30th. You can participate as many times as you want.
  6. Winners will be announced on 1st week of May. I will mail the products on the winners' preferred addresses on my expense.

What will YOU have to do?

It's very simple actually. There is no contest, no judges. You just have to:

  1. Subscribe to my blog www.sifascorner.com (via Bloglovin or through email)
  2. Like the Facebook page of Sifa's Corner (Link Here)
  3. Like the Facebook post (Link Here), Share it publicly on your Facebook wall. Tag your friends to participate more.
    After you do that, Comment "DONE".

**You can share the Facebook post as many times as you want. **

The persons who will participate more will have a greater chance to win!!!


So what are you waiting for! 


Note: I am not responsible for any kind of skin related issues....before or after using this product. Use the product as per the user's guide.


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Stay Healthy , Stay Beautiful !

April 12, 2014

Hair Products I am Loving Right Now..

Hello Hello!

Summer is here in Dhaka.... so the heavy conditioner I have used in Winter is just weighing my hair down.
(May be once or twice a month is okay for deep conditioning treatment, but for weekly use- umm.....nope!)

I have been searching for a good shampoo & conditioner for a long time. Nothing was doing any good to my curly hair. Then Sabikun from Hair Bar Bangladesh salon recommended me to try the shampoos from Bodyshop. As I have never used any Bodyshop shampoos before, I thought, "Why not?!"

P.S.: If you do not know about Sabikun or Hair Bar Bangladesh salon.. you should totally check it out! She is a Dhaka based hair stylist who gave me a hair cut & colored my hair in December. Here is her page link.

Here is the cut & color job she gave me. The highlight was very subtle, which enhanced my curls actually.

Click on the picture for larger view.

Left: Sabikun & Me,
Middle: Hair after cut, color and blowdrying
Right: A closer look at the color

In the meantime, I received a hair conditioner from Lush Cosmetics via Daily Makeover. It's my first Lush product, YEY!

So, I bought a color protecting shampoo from Bodyshop which is called "Bilberry Colour Protect Shampoo" and paired it with the Lush "Happy Happy Joy Joy" conditioner. I quite liked the result.

Lush & Bodyshop

Here is a short review for the products.

April 6, 2014

Black-Burgundy Smokey Eye

Hello Readers!

After posting the following picture on Facebook fan page of Sifa's Corner, many members asked me about the products and tutorial for this look.

Here is the product list for face makeup:

1. BeneFit POREfessional primer
2. MAC face and body foundation
3. Graftobian HD glamour creme foundation palette (for highlight & contour)
4. BenNye banana powder
5. MAC bronzer in Bronze
6. MAC blush in Melba
7. MAC highlighter in Soft & Gentle
8. Urban Decay All nighter setting spray


1. MAC lip pencil in Spice.
2. MAC lip color in All Fired up and Wholesome

To know more about the eye-makeup scroll down!

April 1, 2014

5 Ways To Start Walking Regularly

Are you trying to lose weight?

Do you want to go the hassle-free way (or out-of-gym route) for your weight goal?
Why not try walking regularly!

Today we are going to talk about 5 easy ways to start this habit and achieve the healthy body you are longing for!

This article is contributed by Karen Fernandes, a fitness enthusiast who often writes on topics related to health and wellness online. Her hobbies include gardening and photography. You can follow her on Twitter for more information.


Walking is one of the best ways in the world to lose weight when you combine it with a healthy diet. It's great because anyone can do it and you'll improve your health at the same time. Here are a few things you first need to consider if you want to start walking on a regular basis.

March 23, 2014

REVIEW: Meena Herbal Miracle Face Wash and Miracle Face Mask**

**Sent for review**

Hello readers!
In my last article [link here], I have talked about my love for Meena Herbal Body and Hand & Foot scrubs. Today I will be talking about the rest of their skin-care stuffs.

The products I have received were the following:

1. Hand & Foot scrub
2. Neem & Mint Body Scrub

3. Miracle Face Wash 
4. Miracle Mask

Today's article is all about their Miracle Face Wash and Miracle Mask.

As I have stated in my previous article: I have been sent these skin care products from Meena Herbal for reviewing purpose. I have been using these products for almost a month. The review written here is my personal experience. Skin care products act differently on different skin. So the products which suit my skin, may not suit yours.

Click to

March 21, 2014

REVIEW: Meena Herbal Scrubs**

**Sent for review**

Today I am going to review 2 skin care products from Meena Herbal. If you haven't heard about this brand already, It’s a Bangladeshi brand, which focuses on natural & herbal products.

I have been sent some skin care products from this brand for reviewing purpose. I have been using these products for almost a month. The review written here is my personal experience. As I have stated many times before, skin care products act differently on different skin. So the products which suit my skin, may not suit yours.

The products I have received were the following:

1. Hand & Foot scrub
2. Neem & Mint Body Scrub
3. Miracle Face Wash 
4. Miracle Mask

In this article I am going to review the scrubs; Hand & Foot Scrub and Neem & Mint body scrub.
Without further ado, let’s get started.
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